Well, where to start? It’s been a little while since I posted here, because of school and things. Anyway: We have a new team member; JesusFreak316! He has kindly offered his services in shell script writing, and has been added to the Google Code page as a contributor/committer. Second, the school year has started, as […]

YouTube demo of TouchPadBuntu is up!


Alpha 0.0.1 Released! ^ Go there and follow the instructions!

Early-Alpha Progress Update – 17 December 2011

Kernel – Compiled (with framebuffer and mouse cursor patches applied, thanks to jcsullins for the patches) Initramfs – Done (requires EXT3 partition mounted to /dev/mapper/ext3fs, use instructions for Ubuntu chroot to partition your device) System – Not done Testing – Not done Also, I have a twitter account (@Bodman456) that you can follow for more […]

Donations and updates on TouchPadBuntu

I just need to clear some things up here. As of late, I’ve had a LOT of people asking me if they could donate. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I won’t accept donations for this project until I have a working kernel to show. Last thing anyone wants is a dev to run off with […]

Moboot and how it talks to a kernel

With moboot (installed if you install CM7 on your TouchPad), upon booting your TP, it searches /boot for uImages to display. By placing a uImage for a kernel in there with the name format uImage.NAME, moboot will display the uImage’s name and allow you to boot from it. The default ARM kernel for Ubuntu will […]